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Message from the POA President – May 2, 2019

Dear fellow Deweesians,

Your Board is charged with, and focused on, protecting this wonderful Island and community. We are actively trying to steer our way through these troubled waters and welcome all suggestions.

Surgeons (and even mere Gastroenterologists like me) know that, when there is serious infection, like an abscess, it is essential to let the pus out. That seems to be happening on the island, with lots of comments on various vehicles. Not all are helpful; lets cool the rhetoric. Hopefully that phase is almost over and we can now concentrate on healing, and closing the wound.

If you have not done so, please complete the survey very soon. It will inform all of our discussions and future recommendations. If you have any difficulty with it, please contact Catherine at catherine@deweesislandsc.com . The survey will close on May 7. 

On a lighter note, you may notice that many of the signs on the island are dirty or damaged. Management will be sending a separate message requesting volunteers to help restore the communal signs. Owners may wish to look at those at their lots/homes, and get to work with a cloth and some (environmentally safe) cleaner. I’d be pleased to send photos for those who are not planning to visit soon. If your property sign is in disrepair, please contact Catherine to order a new one. 

Peace will come…if we all work for it




Peter Cotton POA President