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Memory Garden construction shows much progress!

The Memory garden is nearing completion! It now has  fancy roof, thanks to continuing major efforts by Jim and Stephen Anderson.  Tom Sanders, Bryan Pugh and Peter Cotton have single handedly (tri-handedly?) installed the dramatic Ipe flooring.  At least 37 different owners have diligently devoted hours of often backbreaking work, over the past two or three years in a labor of love to create a lovely place that holds our memories.
But we could use a little more help
Twenty-five owners kindly pledged $20,000, almost all of which has now been spent on materials, which have been somewhat more expensive than expected (and some licenses). All labor has been voluntary,  and there has been plenty of it!
If anyone else wishes to contribute, I would be delighted to hear from them.
We hope to have a dedication ceremony in the fall, and will bury a time capsule to be opened in 2075. We have plenty of materials for the capsule, but always interested in more. Some have written letters to their grandchildren
Peter Cotton, Chair, Archives committee