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Memorial Garden/Reflection Area Project


Memorial Garden/Reflection area project


At the annual POA meeting, Peter Cotton, for the Archives committee, presented the plans for a memorial/reflection area, with a deck and sheltered desk on the current site of the swing on Dewees Inlet Drive. It has been designed by Stephen Anderson, and has been approved by the ARB, the POA Board, and appropriate local permitting authorities. A rough model is currently on show in the Huyler House lounge.

There will be wooden backboards on the sheltered walls on which to affix bronze memorial plaques with people’s names and dates. These will be people who have lived on or been closely associated with the island, and can be nominated by any property owner in good standing.

It will be built and maintained by volunteers, at no cost to the POA .The cost of materials, permits etc. is estimated at $10-15,000.

The Board supports this welcome addition to our community, and we hope that many owners will be interested to contribute. To get the project started, we seek initial pledges of $1000 (over one or two years), by May 1st 2014. Those so doing will be recognized on a plaque to be unveiled at an opening ceremony, and be credited for one memorial plaque (which will cost about $150 each). The amount taken up may be less than $1000 if many people sign up.

I encourage anyone interested to contact Peter at mandpcotton@gmail.com or 8438865431.

Yours sincerely

David McIntyre