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Meet the Kitchens

Dear Owners,

We are very excited to announce our new owners, Dr. John and Sarah Kitchens. Let’s extend them a very warm welcome!

Sarah was a freshman in college, while John was a sophomore, both attending Evansville, Indiana. John went to medical school, and Sarah went to graduate school for social work in Indianapolis.

Sarah’s first job as a social worker was working with foster care children in Indianapolis. John decided to go into ophthalmology (more specifically focusing on conditions affecting the back of the eye, the retina). John’s training took their family to Iowa City, followed by Miami. After finishing the last part of his training in Miami, they both wanted to be closer to home, residing in Lexington, Kentucky. Arriving in the summer of 2005, literally one week after arriving in Lexington, their eldest daughter, Ella, was born.  A few years later in 2008, they welcomed their second child, Zach. About 7 years ago, John and Sarah decided that we wanted to become foster parents and Wynston (then age 2) came into their lives.  They are finally on the verge of adopting him as the foster care system is rarely simple or easy.

Individually, Sarah loves reading and cooking. Ella (age 15) is very interested in international studies and is an avid writer.  Zach (age 12) loves all things tech and writes software programs and develops video games. Wynston (age 9) is a big, sweet goofball who loves hanging out and playing video games.  John is an avid photographer and videographer. Tucker and Teddy, their two King Cavalier Spaniel puppies, have more energy than one family deserves.

As a family, they love spending time outdoors.  They often go on hikes around Lexington and eastern Kentucky, and love traveling around the world with their children. Zach and Ella have been to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, England and Italy.  That being said, they love the beach most of all.   

Charleston has been their “go to” destination for vacations for the last few years.  It is the closest beach from their home in Lexington and is only an 8 hour drive.  They have rented houses in Isle of Palms, Folly Beach and Kiawah, loving the amazing coastline of South Carolina.  Over Christmas this past year, they started thinking about the possibility of owning a house on the beach for a vacation home and eventually retiring in the distant future. On New Year’s Eve, they explored the island and instantly fell in love once they stepped off of the ferry. John said, “the peace and tranquility with the abundance of nature was amazing.  No crazy traffic or overcrowded beaches.  Just miles of amazing untouched shoreline.  It was paradise.” They knew they found the right place. John says their new home feels like a house Frank Lloyd Wright would have designed.  Both John and Sarah are so excited about their new home, they have read its history and design features, and are developing a better understanding of the thought and care put into creating it.

While the Kitchens were touring on New Year’s Eve, they noticed another family from Lexington, Kentucky that had a home on the Island, James (Jim) and Barbara Mack. It turns out, Dr. James Mack is their children’s pediatrician!

In John’s words “we are so looking forward to spending as much time as possible on Dewees. You will likely catch us at the beach, kayaking or just exploring around.  We really look forward to being a part of this island community.”


Chantal Alexander
Dewees Island POA