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Lights Out Dusk to Dawn

It is turtle nesting season on Dewees Island until October 31.  Please help turtles make it safely to the ocean by keeping exterior lights off and curtains drawn in brightly lit rooms.  Lighting from homes can disorient hatchlings and cause them to crawl toward homes and likely perish in the dunes instead of making it to the safety of the ocean.  We have about 25 more days until hatchlings begin to emerge from nests on the beach.  Now is a good time to check your home to make sure your lighting is in order.  Please refer to the list below and remember the three golden rules “Low-Shielded-Long”.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights
  • Fixtures mounted as low as possible
  • Lowest wattage/lumens necessary for the needed purpose
  • Shield the light source from the beach and keep bulb completely downward directed
  • The lamp/bulb should produce only long wavelength light (560 mm or greater) which is amber, orange or red.

Turtle Lighting Example

For more information please click here https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/wildlife/sea-turtle/lighting/  and here https://conserveturtles.org/information-sea-turtles-threats-artificial-lighting/

For examples of bulbs and light fixtures please click here https://conserveturtles.org/beachfront-lighting-turtle-friendly-fixtures-lights/

Thank you for your help and remember not just sea turtles benefit from wildlife friendly lighting it is a practice all wildlife and your neighbors enjoy as well.

If you are interested in a red filter for your flashlight or the possibility of group purchasing amber/yellow bulbs please contact Lori.