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Lake Timicau Update

October 4, 2017 

Lake Timicau Update

Thank you for your patience as we work to repair water control structures on Dewees Island.  The berms (earthen mounds that keep water inside Lake Timicau) of Lake Timicau took a heavy hit from Hurricane Irma, the high tide from the storm took out a section of Lake Timicau Road, One-pipe, 6-pipes.  The high tide also over-washed many other areas of the berm besides the sites listed above.  Irma generated nearly a 10-foot tide which is 4 feet more than normal, it was almost as high as the tide generated by Hugo in 1989 and was about 8 inches higher than last year’s Hurricane Matthew. 

Since the storm we have been coordinating with Ducks Unlimited, the Fish & Wildlife Services (oversees our project grant) project engineers, OCRM, and contractors to reestablish Lake Timicau to its pre Irma condition.  Ducks Unlimited and government agencies are also coordinating storm recovery for other sites throughout the area.  The storm wash away most of the berm material surrounding the water control structures at 6-pipes, 1-pipes and Lake Timicau road.  Private Homeowners and POA roads are also requiring material to rebuild roads and driveways, the Lake Timicau project is coordinating with these island needs for limited barge space and material. 

Dewees Island was very fortunate to receive a NAWCA (North American Wetlands Conservation Act) grant from the Fish & Wildlife Service to aid in the restoration and enhancement of Lake Timicau.  We are required to fulfill our grant requirements to install water control structures which will aid in the management of water levels inside of Lake Timicau for fall migrating shorebirds.  The design and installation of the Lake Timicau project was carefully designed and installed by qualified engineers and contractors.  No one could have predicted the damage from Irma.  Moving forward there are many questions and what if this happens again concerns.  Engineers and contractors are considering all options and available resources in the restoration of Lake Timicau within our grant requirements post Irma. 

Lake Timicau road is now open to golf cart traffic only, the road is still closed to heavy equipment until the side slopes and road grade is reestablished which should take place in the coming weeks.

We are hopeful 1-pipe access will reopen in the next few weeks and it will be sometime before the 6-pipes area is reopened.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by my office or send me an email.



Lori Sheridan Wilson
Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator
Dewees Island POA