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Lake Timicau Project Update

We are making great progress in the berm restoration work taking place at Lavender Point.  We are very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work. In fact, our contractor has exceeded our expectations, and he is also helping us improve certain aspects that were not included in the original scope of work for no additional expense to the island.

The sheet piling work has now been completed, it has been covered with earth, and the berm has been fully established.  This week, we had a barge delivery with more equipment. We are also working on fortifying the berm and improving the roadway.  Next week, we plan to begin installing the water control structures. 

We understand that everyone is extremely curious about the work taking place, and these warm days have enticed fishermen to explore their old favorite spot.  However, it is imperative that everyone stays completely out of the construction zone.  Last week, our contractor had one extremely close call with his equipment and pedestrians in the area. 

Heavy equipment is regularly traveling the entire roadway from one pipe, down Caper’s Inlet Drive to the old six pipes area.  This will especially be true over the next few days.  Please continue to remain away from the construction area for just a few more weeks.  We want everyone to remain safe and we sincerely appreciate the community’s cooperation.