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Lake Timicau Project Receives Final Permits, and other exciting island news!

Dear Dewees Community,

After weeks and months of planning and preparation, this week has seen results come to fruition in many areas important to Dewees.  I have exciting updates to share about what’s happening on island.
Lake Timicau
First of all, the final permit for the Lake Timicau Project was received Thursday, February 16th, clearing the way for construction to begin on the Habitat Restoration.   Many of us have worried as 6 Pipes continued to erode, hoping that it would hold long enough for the slow pace of government permitting. It will be interesting to observe as the many pieces come together. After equipment is in place, the project is estimated to take 120 days for completion.

Huyler House Renovation
Also delivered to the island yesterday were the much needed replacement hurricane windows and doors, as those in the building were well beyond their expected life. The work on Huyler House begins our scheduled and budgeted replacement of needed infrastructure updating in order to maintain the value and integrity of our buildings.  Professional installation will begin as soon as practicable.  After the installation of the windows is underway, we will shift our attention to repainting the interior and exterior of the community house and suites.  We look forward to a clean, safe, cared for look for the Huyler House.

We have an extensive amount of work to complete at the Huyler House in a short period of time. The goal before the Annual Meeting is to have the windows in the great room installed, and have the great room walls, ceiling and porches painted. The remaining work on the building will have to be completed after the Annual Meeting through the remainder of March. In order to meet our goals, access to the great room at the Huyler House will not be available from February 20 – March 10. The Huyler House suites will also be temporarily unavailable during renovations. As owners, if you personally need a suite, please check with Emily for availability.  The suites will not be available for rent during renovations. I will keep you posted with dates and our progress. I apologize for the inconvenience, but feel you will be very happy and satisfied with the results of the renovation!

Grounds Keeping
Mitch Wise, our new Grounds Manager, has been working diligently to improve and tidy up the landscaping around the Huyler House, the pool area, and the Dewees Island Marina on the Isle of Palms. I have received many compliments from owners regarding Mitch’s work so far, which are valued.

Lone Cedar Dock
The replacement dock was also delivered to Dewees Island this week. We expect the dock to be installed by February 24th, tides and weather permitting.

Water Quality
Improving the quality of the island’s drinking water is a continuous effort. Terry, Dewees Utility Operator in Charge, has recently installed two new RO pressure vessels and 9 sets of new RO filters. The new water survey has shown a significant improvement.

Electronic Bulletin Board
Lastly, the outdoor TV at the ferry landings shelter unfortunately suffered lightning damage, but is being repaired. The island information and schedule of activities will be reinstalled once rewired.

Overall, staff members are working diligently on the preparations for the Annual Meeting to be held the third weekend of March! Look for your invitation in the mail this coming week.  It will set the stage for Celebrating our 25th Anniversary of this Dewees community. A delightful weekend is planned, filled with activities, time to get better acquainted with your fellow owners and enjoy the beauty of Dewees.  The Business Meetings promise to provide you with stories of yesterday and a look at tomorrow.  To accommodate your travel needs, the ferry will have a 1:00 p.m. run on Friday, March 17th. To view the full schedule, and to RSVP for the weekend events, click here.

I very much appreciate all your support and look forward to seeing you on the Island at the Annual Meeting March 17 & 18.

Your General Manager,
Kim Knight