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Jimmy Jarrett “Conservationist of the Year” by Ducks Unlimited

Congratulations to Jimmy Jarrett, a fellow Dewees owner, who was recently selected by Ducks Unlimited, Spartanburg Chapter, to Receive the Annual “Bob Haulbrook Conservationist of the Year” award.  Jimmy’s lifelong support of DU, his contributions to conservation, recycling and sustainability practices used in his business and other conservation projects outside of DU have earned him this special recognition.

“I always had a love for the land and a respect for wildlife, and felt the importance of protecting the environment.  Our family has always tried to maintain a small carbon footprint…composting, recycling, creating and preserving wetlands and wildlife habitat.

“In 1975 I co-founded Martex Fiber Southern Corp, a textile recycling firm that recycles approx 180 million pounds of textile waste and by-products, diverting millions of pounds from landfill and conserving energy and resources.

“In 2000 we built a second home on Dewees Island which is a conservancy dedicated to man living in harmony with nature.  The South Carolina Conservation Easement mandates that only 9% of the island may be disturbed for residential use.  There are no paved roads, and traffic on the island is by foot, bicycle, and electric cars.  We practice xeriscaping, use no pesticides nor herbicides, and we collect rain water in cisterns for rinsing off bikes, golf cars, and irrigation of native plantings.

“I have served two terms on the Environmental Board on Dewees, and have helped support two projects in conjunction with Ducks Unlimited and state and federal agencies to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat on the island.  These projects were strongly supported by residents of the island through the Dewees Island Conservancy.”