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Its Hatching Time for Sea Turtles

The last few weeks of July mark the time of year when Loggerhead sea turtle nests begin to hatch on Dewees Island.  Please take a moment to learn how you can help sea turtle hatchlings:

If you see hatchlings emerging from a nest please contact a member of the turtle team ASAP.

Please fill in all holes on the beach, remove all beach furniture and toys and knock down sand castles and forts at the end of each day.  All of these items can trap hatchlings as they make their way from the dunes to the ocean.

Sea turtle hatchlings use the reflection of the moon on the ocean to find their way to the water after emerging from the nest.  Lights at homes brighter than the ocean will lure the hatchlings away from the water and toward the forest which will lesson their chances for survival.  If you are a night owl or rise in the morning before the sun be mindful of the amount of light emitting from your home toward the ocean.  Please check your home to make sure all your exterior lights are downcast, shielded and contained within your footprint.  Consider installing motion timers for lights under your home and set to turn off after 60 seconds of no activity rather than switched lights that may be accidentally left on.  

Thank you for your help in protecting sea turtles!