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Isle of Palms Checkpoint and Request for all to Register on the Island:

If you are visiting the island before April 30, and you need our help with proof of ownership for the Isle of Palms Police Department, please email catherine@deweesislandsc.com.  We will provide a letter to show law enforcement as proof of ownership, and we will provide a laminated pass once you arrive on the island.

We sincerely appreciate that many owners are traveling to the island by personal vessel in order to limit exposure on the ferry.   We have adapted some of our rules regarding personal watercraft during this state of emergency to make it easier for folks to travel to the island by private vessel.  However, this also means that our ferry logs do not provide a complete reflection of all individuals who are on the island. 

We are asking that you register using this form, or scan the QR code below if you are on the island, or arriving at the island in the next 45 days.  SCDEC is tracking all Covid-19 cases by zip code, and we want to have appropriate contact information for all who are on the island.  This information also helps our public safety officers in appropriately performing their duties.  Thank you for your assistance.