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Island Weather Related Repairs Update –

For the second month in a row, rainfall in Charleston has broken the record for wettest month and the area is on track to have the wettest year in history.
7.62 inches of rain has been recorded for the month of November so far, beating the 1972 record of 7.35 inches.



 On Dewees Island  the wetlands and the road’s adjacent easements have been flooded since the great flood. The Island has not had a chance to absorb the moisture and the ground remains saturated.


Flooded Road

Historic high tides have also affected the island causing substantial erosion and the closing of the Mytle Dock Road as well as 6 Pipes Road beyond the Six Pipes.


myrtle dock road washout


washedout 6 pipes road

The POA imported sufficient sand and stone this week on the barge to commence repairs to these roads.



We are currently fortunate to have a protracted period of dry weather, which we needed. We need at least six days of warm dry conditions prior to plowing and several days of dry conditions after the plowing to compact the roadbed. If we plow too soon the road turns to mush .We hope Pelican Flight Drive will be dry enough to commence plowing and roadwork this Saturday as well as the other roads.

I regret any inconvenience the rough roads on Dewees have caused , but I can assure you the staff are focused on them and will get them plowed as soon as we are able to.



Kim A Knight
General Manager
Dewees Island SC.
843 568 3991