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In Case We Missed You | Property Owners Weekend Highlights

April 4, 2019

Dear Owners,

More than 105 community members gathered on March 22-24 for the 2019 Annual Property Owners Weekend. Owners spent time reconnecting with neighbors and making new friends throughout the three-day event.

The Opening Night Reception on Friday evening was enjoyed by all who attended. The divine weather allowed for a pleasant evening on the porches and a picturesque sunset. The various rooms in the Huyler House were nicely decorated by volunteers and members of the Arts Council who organized the unique art exhibit expressions.

The weekend continued with the DUC and POA Annual Meetings on Saturday morning. During the DUC Annual Meeting, updates were presented by Edmund Frampton, DUC President, David Dew, Island Manager, and Terry Schwartz, Operator in Charge. At the conclusion of the DUC Annual Meeting, David took a moment to thank Mark Pagano for his dedicated service as a DUC Board Member for the previous two years. David introduced Jim Henshaw who was appointed by the DUC to serve as a director for the remainder of Mark’s term.

Next, President Anne Anderson opened the POA Annual Meeting with a warm welcome before introducing David Dew, Island Manager, to address the state of the island. David gave a thorough update of his experiences on the island over the last year and addressed significant topics. One subject was the Short-Term Rental discussion and strategies and recommendations from the Residential Usage Study Group (RUSG) to reduce the impacts of seasonal visitors. The latest Recommendations from the Report of the Residential Use Study Group with Input from the POA Board as approved by the POA Board of Directors on March 22, 2019 were shared with the members.

David also briefed the Community about the breach that occurred on February 20 and let members know an experienced engineer is scheduled to visit the island the first week of April to help evaluate the breach and provide recommendations. David also encouraged members to attend Dr. Sautter’s presentation on Sunday where she would discuss her geomorphology research of Dewees from the last 12+ years.

Following, Treasurer Bill Kastler led a discussion about the POA’s financial status, and the direction the island plans to head in the next year.

Scottie Hoffman and Jim Doyle, Directors from the Dewees Utility Corporation Board, presented a program entitled “The Dewees Strip Show”. The presentation addressed some common myths about improper disposal of trash and recycling. The audience was extremely engaged as Jim and Scottie shared information to create more awareness about proper recycling methods, eliminating unnecessary waste, and to minimize costs of trash removal on the island.

It was also recommend that each home on the island has the “How to Recycle” and “Yes! No!” flyers on the fridge or a conspicuous place in the kitchen so islanders can easily identify items that should be thrown in the trash or placed in recycling. If you would like a hard copy of the recycling flyers, you can pick one up at the Administrative Offices at Public Works, or email Catherine at catherine@deweesislandsc.com and she will send one to you.

After The Dewees Strip Show, Lori Sheridan Wilson, Island Environmentalist and ARB Coordinator, presented reflections. Lori reflected on Mother Nature, wildlife, the ecosystem, and how we strive to live in harmony with nature on this unique island. Lori concluded her presentation with an Environmental Program update and awarded Reggie Fairchild as the Island Steward of the Year.

Following the presentations, President Anderson took a moment to reflect on her years serving on the POA Board and as the POA President over the last two years. Anne acknowledged each committee and their individual members and thanked each of them for their time and efforts volunteering for the island. She accredited the success of the island to the contributed efforts of her fellow board members and management, each committee, and importantly, the positive support from our community members.

The results of the general election were announced at the close of the POA meeting.  Mark Pagano and Alicia Reilly were elected to serve their first term as directors, and Peter Cotton was reelected to the POA Board for a second term.

Gratitude and recognition was given to Anne Anderson, Reggie Fairchild and Dwight Plemmons for their dedicated service as directors of the POA Board.

A brief Board Meeting was held immediately following the POA Annual Meeting for the sole purpose of electing this year’s officers. The POA Officers are as follows:

Peter Cotton, President
Larry McDevitt, Vice-President
David Dew, Secretary
Bill Kastler, Treasurer

On Sunday, the Community came together for a final gathering at the Huyler House for Dr. Sautter’s
“Dynamic Dewees” educational presentation. Dr. Leslie Sautter, Professor at College of Charleston in marine geology, oceanography, environmental Geosciences and Director of Project Oceanica, has been intimately involved with Dewees for over a dozen years, developing our geomorphology study, in which she and her graduate students monitored and studied beachfront changes. She shared her research findings and explained the trends she has observed along our coast line using aerial images that have been captured over the last decade. The full presentation can be viewed on the Dewees Island Facebook page, thanks to Judy Fairchild!

We thank all of you who participated and contributed to the 2019 Property Owners Weekend! All owners will be receiving a survey via email about the annual meeting.  We encourage you to complete the survey, regardless of whether you attended the annual meeting or not.  The survey will be used as a tool to help us in planning next year’s event.  Thank you in advance for your helpful feedback.


Catherine Weeks
Dewees Island POA