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Huyler House Walk Closed

We have a rapidly expanding least tern colony on the south end of Dewees Island.  Olivia and I posted nesting signs last week around the colony but they have expanded their nesting area north outside of the posted area.  This is great news because least terns nest on newly created beaches which means our beach is growing in this area of the island.  At present when one is walking down Huyler House walk it is too close to the nesting area and the adult birds dive bomb the walkers.   When the adults are busy trying to deter walkers it results in the birds leaving their eggs and chicks unattended and can result in the death of both by leaving vulnerable to predators or to overheat in the summer sun. 

To protect these SC State Threatened Seabirds the Huyler House walk be closed until the birds are done nesting.  If they are not disturbed then this could be as soon as 28 days.  If they continue to be disturbed then they with attempt to next up to 2 more times until they are successful which means they will not be finished until August.

At present, Huyler House Walk is a very long walk from the end of the boardwalk to the beach.  A more convenient place to access the beach is a short walk from Ancient Dunes.  Thank you for your support by using a different walk to access the beach to help protect these threatened birds!