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Huyler House Suites Receives Approval From Charleston County to Reopen

Dear Community Members,

The POA is excited to let you know that the Huyler House rental for owners and their guests has been given approval by Charleston County at the final reading of the Huyler House Text Amendment this past Tuesday evening!  We are now working with Charleston County Zoning to obtain the actual permit that allows rentals to begin.  We are optimistic that the Huyler House Suites will able to welcome owners and their guests early in November!

Lot Owners!  We are happy to reconfirm that Huyler House Benefits have now been extended to 14 complimentary nights for the cost of cleaning for all lot owners in good standing.  We hope you will take advantage of this lovely weather and schedule an opportunity to reconnect with the Island and its great community members.  We will republish shortly the policy for your Huyler House Benefits that gives you all the details for making a recommendation.

Our admin team has been keeping track of reservation inquiries received from owners since last December when the suites were initially closed.  We will be reaching out to those owners for priority rentals. If you would like to begin planning a visit to the island, please contact Chantal Alexander at chantal@deweesislandsc.com or 843.568.3992 for reservations. 

We look forward to having our owners and their guests return to the island  soon.  Your energy and smiling faces have very much been missed.  Even with our COVID caution, come and reconnect.