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August 19, 2015

Dear Dewees Island Property Owners,

Tropical storm Danny is currently tracking across the Atlantic heading for the Caribbean. It is expected the storm will become a hurricane by Saturday.

It is very important for you to review the attached plan (press this link to the Plan) and develop your own hurricane preparation and readiness plan. Make a printed copy of the Plan Now and keep it at your Dewees residence for you and your guests. The Dewees Plan reflects the Storm Alert levels of Charleston County. The County will be handling hurricane emergencies more cautiously than they did in the past. Dewees will need to evacuate early to allow time for us to synchronize with the Emergency Plans of the County.

It is necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the County’s evacuation routes and plan accordingly.

Register now for IOP re-entry passes. Passes are available at IOP City Hall, 30 J.C. Long Boulevard, Isle of Palms SC 29451, 843-886-6522, throughout the year. Decals will NOT be issued within eighteen (18) hours of landfall. You must get new decals every five (5) years. Previous decals will be void. Do not attempt to return to IOP until the Mayor or a designee declares it is safe to do so.

In the case of a hurricane we will fly a hurricane flag at the Landings Building to notify you that we are at the OPCON 3, alert level (described in the linked Plan) and we will use our emergency telephone system to alert residents and guests on the Island.

We will contact the telephone numbers from the Dewees Island POA website Owner Address Book, so please make sure you have ALL current telephone numbers noted in the Address Book.

To protect your property arrange for someone now to help if you are unable to attend to your home.

When Charleston County is at alert level OPCON 4, you will need to immediately prepare and secure homes and property for a hurricane.


Kim Knight
General Manager
Dewees Island POA
Dewees Utility Corporation