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Holiday Nature Activities – the top 10 things to do on Dewees Island

1.  Find the two new geocaches on Dewees Island.

Down this trail one may wonder, a lovely place to look and ponder.  Lots of birds there are to see, at the end of the path stands a dead tree.  N 32 ° 50’ 2.6298 W 79 ° 43’28.5924 (N 32.834064 W -79.724609)

This hidden spot is a beautiful treat, bring a friend or a book and have a seat.  An oak reflects in the water that’s black; when you find me don’t forget to put the sticks back. N 32 ° 50’ 19.3632 W 79 ° 42’ 50.3892 (N 32.838712 W -79.713997)

2.  Participate in the Nature Corner activity located under the Huyler House.

3.  Challenge yourself with the new Squirt display at the Nature Center.

4.  Get a last glimpse of a Wood Stork, White Ibis and a Rosette Spoonbill before they migrate south for the winter.

5.  Find and ID one of our fall butterflies; Monarch, Buckeye, Red Admiral and Cloudless Sulphur.

6.  Count the White Pelicans on the sandbar in the Intracoastal Waterway; great viewing area on the Landings Porch.

7.  Visit a hammock island.  Just north of the sub tower off of Capers Inlet Drive are a few great hammock islands to explore.  Plan your trip at low tide and wear shoes that can get wet and muddy and long pants.  Look for deer, raccoon and river otter tracks.  Which way are they heading?

8.  Help keep the island clean.  Pick-up the trash you find in the marsh and beach and dispose of it properly.  Text a photo of your finds to the Naturalist (Lori) at 843-568-3994.

9.  Collect acorns.  Use a few to discover if acorns sink or float?  Why?  Crack the remaining with a nut cracker and discover what is inside.  What is the color and texture? Any creatures living inside?

10.  Check out the night sky.  Can you find the constellation Orion and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky?  Sirius is the chest of the Big Dog (Canis Major) constellation.