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Helpful Reminders For Eclipse Weekend

Dear Dewees Owners,

Below are some final tips on how you can help us as you and your family and friends travel to Dewees for the Eclipse event:


We will have a parking attendant at the front entrance of the Dewees Island parking lot during peak times from Thursday through Monday.

Please have your Parking Lot Access ID readily available for the parking attendant to check at the front entrance. Have your Lot # and your cell number on the slip in advance to help with traffic flow at the front entrance.

Once you park, please place your ID on your dash board where it can be easily seen.

Parking is limited. Please consider carpooling and Uber rides!


To accommodate the influx of visitors to the island, we have made the following changes to the ferry schedule:


            1:00 p.m. runs on Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.
            There will be NO 2:00 p.m. run on Monday.
You do not need reservations from the mainland. Departing the island you must call for a ferry @ 45 minutes before pick up, as usual. 

Pack light, bring only essentials, please! Do pack your patience! Our goal is to make our trips to and from the island as comfortably as possible.

For those of you that have your own personal boat, please transport your guests to and from the island to make more room on the ferries.

Safety Glasses

Glasses purchased from Lori can be picked up at her office from 8:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. today through Friday. Text Lori at 843.568.3994 to let her know you are coming!

You can also pick up your glasses at the Solar Eclipse Presentation and Happy Hour on Friday, or Monday morning during the Children’s activities at the Huyler House.

                ●          Glasses purchased from Lori are from either Rainbow Symphony or American Paper Optics; both companies are listed as reputable vendors by NASA & the American Astronomical Society.
                ●          If you purchase your own please make sure they meet the current eye safety standard of SO 12312-2
                ●          Please store your eclipse glasses so they do not get scratched or bent.
                ●          If you plan on using a camera, binoculars or telescope make sure they have the proper safety equipment installed.
                ●          It is only safe to look at the sun without eye protection during the 2 minutes of totality; not all areas of the US will be in the path of totality.
                ●          Supervise children at all times to ensure their eyes are protected during the eclipse.
Links for more info on eclipse safety. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact Catherine at catherine@deweesislandsc.com

Thank you all for your help and participation with planning for a safe and enjoyable Eclipse experience!