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Hats Off! To A Great Annual Meeting

HATS OFF!  to all who helped plan, facilitate and participate in the best virtual annual meeting, especially to Catherine and her team. Well done!

We kicked off with an engaging presentation from the Dewees Conservancy, moderated by Carey Sullivan.  Congratulations to Judy Fairchild having received the first Dewees Island Conservationist award.  She provided a fun and  informative presentation on the Motis tower, Lori updated/educated us about the maritime forest and Ben Rowland, from YonderBlue films talked about his recent film work on Dewees.  

Friday led us down memory lane to the history and making of the Memorial Garden, capping it off with great celebratory toasts.  Hats off to Jim and Stephen Anderson and the entire community for the planning and construction of this incredible space.  Peter Cotton did an awesome job in making the celebration special.

Saturday was a full annual meeting with audit and updated financial information, Catherine‚Äôs update on the island, information about the upcoming breach work, a thorough presentation from Lori, our naturalist, an excellent video recap of events on Dewees over the past year, election results, and a reminder that the Dewees Conservancy is a 5013c and please donate. 

If you missed the meeting, you can view it here (recording begins with the DUC Annual Meeting. The POA Annual Meeting starts at 1:35:00). You can also peruse the dropbox folder to review all the annual meeting information. 

On behalf of the entire community, I would like to personally thank Wendell Reilly for his stewardship of the island as Board President over the past year. Wendell has provided the Island with strong and gifted guidance in a year that presented unpredictable and difficult challenges. Wendell expertly moved the island to a more positive position.  Thank you, Wendell. 

I look forward to providing continued communication as your new Board President.  Please feel free to reach out to discuss any of your thoughts as we move forward in 2021.

All the best,

Shelley Cooper
POA President