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Halloween is only 2 days away!!! πŸŽƒ Cue the creepy music 🎢

Halloween is only 5 days away πŸŽƒ cue the creepy music 🎢

Folks, we are ready for what should be the social event of the season… who am I kidding-  of 2020- since none of us have done anything remotely fun for most of this year!

We will be meeting at the helicopter pad at 5:30 to get our decorated carts parked and ready for the 22-25 trick or treaters.  Wear your costumes and masks and be ready to catch up with all your friends as you also wander around.  The firehouse will be open and ready to groups of 3 or 4 at a time (or a family)

There will be prizesβ€” best kid costume, best adult costume and best decorated cart! 

If any of you are free to help out this week with a few last minute set up details please call or text Bill (404) 606-1931 or me (917) 363-3157.  Mainly decorating the firehouse area….

Remember to bring your own beverages and that there will be plenty of people heading to the beach to catch the blue moon after (about 7) High tide is at 9pm!

*we have all been reminding the kids how important it is to stay distant and not hug or get too close to any of our lovely neighbors BUT if at any time, you feel the need to also warn them (if they look like they are barreling at top speed towards your treats) that is totally fine! We want to make sure we stay respectful and do this carefully and thoughtfully to keep us all safe!

Alicia Reilly
Social Committee Co-Chair