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Guest Speaker, Dr. Chris Mowry, Presents About Lives of Urban Coyotes

Peer Into the Secret Lives of Coyotes, The Atlanta Coyote Project

Earlier this week, the community had the pleasure of having Dr. Chris Mowry, Associate Professor of Biology at Berry College and head of the Atlanta Coyote project, share an educational presentation about urban coyote populations. Chris’s insight was very informative as it relates to the coyotes on Dewees Island. He spent time explaining the natural tendencies and learned behaviors of coyotes, their social structure, the impacts of coyotes on the ecosystem, and what we can expect to see from the species on the island throughout the changing seasons.  Dr. Mowry has been a very valuable resource for our Environmental Program, Coyote Task Force and Dewees Community.  Thank you to everyone who helped to make Chris feel at home during his visit.