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Golf Cart Sticker Suggestions

Hey Everyone,

As mentioned in the Public Safety Newsletter, is important for all golf carts to have Lot # stickers on them. Below is a suggestion for a website other homeowners have used to order fun, durable, and affordable stickers.

Click Here To Start.

The following selections were made from fellow experienced homeowners:

– Transparent Background

– 3″ high lettering

– Font: Arial Black

– Lettering color: Black

– Boarder: Silver

– Shadow: Olympic Blue (or whatever color you like)

– Shadow Offset (Creates a nice 3-D effect): Down and to the right

– Special Effect: NONE

– Type in each number twice (so you have one for the front and one for the side as required):  Example:  65 65.  They can be easily cut apart with scissors and applied.

– Price varies based on length of lettering

– Recommendation: if you have multiple carts, consider naming them with a letter 65A 65B 65C so you can tell friends and repair people which cart to go to.  If you have one of the Dewees Inlet lots, please put “DI” at the end of the number.  Example, 9 DI.

We’ve found that the lettering looks better, lasts longer and is about the same price as the peel and stick letters from Lowes.

Have fun with it!

*The preceding website is simply a suggestion and not a recommendation from the Dewees Island POA.