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Golf Cart Registration Program Instructions – Barge Available Next Week for Cart Removal

Dear Owners,

As you are aware, the POA has implemented a golf cart registration program for the new fiscal year. Each golf cart (working or not) on the island is required to be registered with the POA and is subject to an Annual Golf Cart Fee of $200.00

If you have not done so already, please contact Chief McWethy to register your cart(s) and he will be happy to provide a registration decal. He can be reached at richie@deweesislandsc.com or 843-296-4952 during normal business hours.

If you have a cart you would like removed from the island, the POA will waive the $250 golf cart removal fee through the end of the month.

Carts to be Terminated need to be brought to the Waste Disposal Area near the large 30 yard dumpsters for termination. Please also make sure the batteries are removed and placed on the battery pallet for proper disposal. We will take it from there!

Cart Removal Off Islandwe have a barge scheduled on Thursday, 11/7. If you would like to have a golf cart removed off island, let Catherine know to make arrangements on the barge at catherine@deweeisislandsc.com 

For those of you who have already taken the initiative to pay for your registered golf cart(s), thank you. Invoices for each registered cart on the island will be billed the beginning of the month. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Catherine Weeks
Dewees Island POA