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Friendly Reminder about Dogs & Pets

Dogs on Dewees 

As a friendly reminder, and in consideration of neighbors and wildlife, pets are to be leashed or kenneled at all times on the ferry, ferry landing, or associated docks. In all other areas, pets should be leashed. Additionally, pet waste must be cleaned up by the owner.

Environmental Program Board Recommendations regarding Dogs and Shorebirds:

As a “private island community dedicated to environmental preservation,” the island is host to a variety of declining, rare, threatened, and endangered species. Piping Plovers, Wilson’s Plover, Atlantic Red Knots, and American Oystercatchers – These birds suffer from habitat loss and disturbance from humans and dogs. We can be certain that the “Dewees design” and pristine dune and beach habitats play large roles in attracting these shorebirds. It is imperative, therefore, that as visitors to the fragile island landscape, everyone follows these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid walking above the high tide line & dune areas (with or without pets). Threatened shorebirds use these areas for shelter, nesting, and raising
  • Keep dogs leashed in the vicinity of all Resting and nesting shorebirds that are repeatedly bombarded by unleashed dogs can tire quickly. The best time and location to run your dog on the beach is at low tide near the center of the island and where birds are not congregating.
  • Do not intentionally flush resting Large flocks of birds will reside on the beach at high tide. Consider walking the beach during a mid or low tide, this allows birds to rest and helps protect the dunes.