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Fishing on Dewees Island

Please review the following helpful tips for fishing on Dewees Island and thank you for helping to conserve our wildlife resources.

Please limit yourself to catching one meal’s worth of fish or shellfish on each outing.  For large groups, this may mean limiting to an appetizer amount if catching Blue Crabs in our impounded waters of Old House Lagoon or Lake Timicau.

Consider using circle hooks when practicing catch and release.  To learn more please visit SCDNR

Crab pots must be installed with a float per SCDNR and please consider installing a turtle excluder device.  Turtle excluder devices prevent the unintended take of Diamondback Terrapin turtles.  Crab pots must be set to be covered by water at all tide cycles.  Exposed pots at low tide attract wetland mammals which may get caught in the trap trying to get to the bait and then drown when the tide comes in.

Minnow traps and fish keepers may not be attached to the Crab Dock.  Removing traps and keepers from this area helps to reduce the attraction of alligators to the site.  Please use crab pots in exterior waterways. 

Please ensure your minnow traps, fish keepers and crab pots are labeled with your name and lot number. Items without identification will be removed if the owner cannot be identified.

Hook and line fishing at the Crab Dock and adjacent bank of Old House Lagoon (impoundment) is now closed for the summer season (May 15 – Labor Day Weekend).  Other areas of Old House Lagoon (impoundment) remain open to hook and line fishing so long as an alligator is NOT present.  This closure is put into place to minimize the attraction to the Crab Dock by alligators.

Remember to dispose of unwanted bait fish on the outside of Old House Lagoon (impoundment) and Lake Timicau.

SC DNR requires fishing license for anyone 16 years and older fishing on Dewees Island.

For more information about fishing and harvesting shellfish please visit the SCDNR site or click here.

Please contact Lori @ 843-568-3994 if you have any questions.  Thanks for your help!