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Ferry Loading Guidelines


Dear Members,

The POA, in an effort to operate the island as efficiently as possible, has directed the Ferry Crew to use the appropriate ferry for the number of passengers traveling each trip. The Breeze is used for 1 to 14 passengers and the Islander for 11 to 50. It is very important the ferry crew know at least 10 minutes prior to the top of the hour a passenger, pet and baggage count so they may assign the correct sized ferry. We have had numerous instances where riders did not call the ferry in advance causing the Breeze to exceed its capacity. The crew is set up to respond to requests for the Island Side ferry 10 minutes before they are due to leave the Isle of Palms Terminal, enabling them to respond in real time. Because of the nature of the rotating ferry crew, changing equipment and different logbooks, advance reservations and texts have an excellent chance of being missed. Please do not leave advance reservations or text the ferry your request for ridership.

A.           Ferry Loading Guidelines Extract  effective 3.22.2014

All ferry runs from Dewees Island are On Demand. All passengers are to call at least 40 minutes before their scheduled departure time and inform the ferry of the number of passengers, pets and baggage carts that will be leaving Dewees Island with you on the next run. Some passengers may have to wait for the next ferry if they have not called the ferry in advance and passenger load exceeds the USCG legal limit.  If this occurs, the boarding order is: all who have called and reserved their seat being owners first, followed by guests, construction personnel and renters, For those who have not reserved their seat in advance, the loading order will be owners first, followed by guests, construction personnel, renters and island staff. However if an owner, guest, construction personnel, renters, and island staff is unable to be loaded on the previous run they then have priority on the next run in order of their original arrival time.

The ferry Captain will be responsible to enforce the guidelines.

Thank You

Kim Knight

General Manager

Dewees Island SC.