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Feeding Wildlife

Dear Owners,

Raccoons are very intelligent animals with routines dictated by finding food, water and shelter.  They can quickly learn and remember where they can find a meal.  Leaving unsecured food or garbage on your golf cart, in ferry carts, at your home or at Public Works will only encourage wildlife to investigate our public spaces and your property.  The good news, Raccoons can quickly unlearn where to find a free handout.  Please help keep wildlife wild and avoid feeding wildlife such as raccoons at the front dock by securing groceries in plastic tubs or in cloth bags and removing all garbage bags (property dispose in dumpsters at Public Works) from golf carts before parking.  Please also notify your guests and contractors on the importance of not hand feeding wildlife! 

Thank you for your help in keeping Dewees Island safe for people and wildlife.


Lori Sheridan Wilson,

Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator