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Peter Cotton

About Peter Cotton

Luckily married to Princess Marion. We bought lot 44 in 1997, built in 2001 and it became our primary home when I stopped doing clinical work at the Medical University downtown in 2011. I still do research and a few other things there about half time. The remainder is spent in fun things on the island, where I chair the social and archives committees, and enjoy our wonderful blended family. We have four "children" (Jodi married to Tony in Goldsboro NC, Tripp to Kim in Augusta GA, Andy to Fiona in Bury St Edmunds, UK, and Nicola to Jules in Long Crendon, UK), with 8 lovely beautiful and talented grandchildren, respectively: Ben, married to Kacie (with great grandson Zayden), Arrie B and Holly Mac, Alex, Charlotte and Issy, and Perdy and Jack. I have also been busy writing medical textbooks, my memoirs (The tunnel at the end of the light: my endoscopic journey in six decades), and illustrated children's books about Fred the friendly snake. See www.peterbcotton.com and www,petercottontales.com