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Environmental Program


The Nature Center is located in the Landings Building- open from 9:00am – 5:00pm



Nature Activities

Check island bulletin boards on the Ferry Dock and at the Landings Building for upcoming events during your stay.

Dewees Island Winter Environmental Program Menu 

Reservations are required 48 hours in advance.

Weather & Naturalist schedule permitting. 

* Winter schedule runs Labor Day to Memorial Day *



Learn about common plants and animals found on Dewees Island as well as their associated habitats.  All ages.  1 hour.


Special focus on identification and natural history of our most commonly found beach treasures.  All ages. 1 hour. 


Learn our local and seasonal wading birds, water fowl, woodland birds and birds of prey as well as common butterflies and their associated host plants.  Binoculars provided.  All ages.  1 hour.

No time to schedule a program, then try a self guided activity.

1.  Find the two geocaches on Dewees Island.

Down this trail one may wonder, a lovely place to look and ponder.  Lots of birds there are to see, at the end of the path stands a dead tree.  N 32 ° 50’ 2.6298 W 79 ° 43’28.5924 (N 32.834064 W -79.724609)

This hidden spot is a beautiful treat, bring a friend or a book and have a seat.  An oak reflects in the water that’s black; when you find me don’t forget to put the sticks back. N 32 ° 50’ 19.3632 W 79 ° 42’ 50.3892 (N 32.838712 W -79.713997)

2.  Participate in the Nature Corner activity located under the Huyler House.

3.  Challenge yourself with the Squirt display at the Nature Center.

4.  Find and ID 5 new plants, butterflies or birds and learn a new fun fact about each.

5.  Check out the night sky.  Can you find the constellation Orion and Sirius, the brightest star in the sky?  Sirius is the chest of the Big Dog (Canis Major) constellation.

For more information or to schedule please call lori @ 843-568-3994