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Environmental Program Updates

We need your help!

Each time you go shrimping, cast netting or crabbing at the crab dock please fill out a survey form located on the sign board. Your survey information is used to help monitor the health of the Impoundment.  Thanks for your help!

The Nature Trading Post Now Open!

Explore your natural world!  Kids are invited to bring in what they find and tell us what they have been able to learn about their item for points at the Nature Trading Post.   Points can be saved up and traded for other cool items found at the Nature Trading Post.  Points are awarded by the uniqueness of the item and the quality of information kids can tell us about their object.

Examples of items accepted: shells, fossils, snake skin, antler shed and insect exoskeletons.

Items not accepted: live things, bird things, recently dead things and parts from endangered animals or oyster shells.

Hours: Mondays @ 1:30 pm & Thursdays & 8:30 am at the top floor of the Landings Building through Labor Day weekend.

What’s that smell?

Please scoop your dog’s poop.  Its no fun stepping in dog poop on the way to your car, the mail box, checking the martin box and at the garbage area.  It is no fun at the beach when you lay your towel on a freshly covered pile of dog droppings.  Dog poop left on the ground can run off into local water ways contaminating them with bacterial waste and provide nutrients for algae blooms. When you scoop your dog’s poop please make sure to use a biodegradable bag.  Thanks for your help!