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Environmental Program Update

What is that post for?

During your last visit to the Crab Dock or the Rice Trunk near the Landings Building did you notice a plastic post sticking out of the water about 60 feet away from the bank?  These posts designate 60′ and are important to notice if you fish, crab or cast-net.  If you see an alligator within 60′ of your fishing, crabbing or cast-netting activities please remove your lines immediately and relocate to another site.  Your help is greatly appreciated in keeping these areas safe for people and alligators!

Bobcat sightings on Dewees & Capers

During a recent sea turtle patrol to Capers Island a bobcat was sighted near the front beach and other was recently discovered exploring out by 6-pipes.  For more information on bobcats please click here

bobcat1 (2)capers