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Environmental Program Update

Turtle Team

Dewees Island currently has 9 Loggerhead sea turtle nests and 4 false crawls (turtle came up on the beach to nest but for some reason did not lay eggs).  Out of the nests; 4 have been relocated and 4 have been left in situ (not moved).  There was coyote depredation on two of the nests the same day they were laid but each time only a few eggs were lost.  At this time last year Dewees Island had 16 Loggerhead sea turtle nests.  Every 3 years tends to be a big nesting year for our Loggerhead turtles so the trend we are seeing this season isn’t cause for alarm.  If you are interested in signing up for turtle patrol please click here.  If you are interested in looking into further details on nesting data over the years please sign up for a free account on seaturtle.org and then let me know the email address you used at signup and I can add you to our beach member list. 


Beach Debris Container

We are modifying our Beach Debris Container at Ancient Dunes Walk.   Since installation we have been collecting about 95% personal trash and 5% beach/marine debris.  Most of our collected items are dog poop bags, dirty diapers, white claw cans, soda cans, beer cans and food waste from day trips to the beach.  We also have collected marine debris such as pieces of Styrofoam, balloon string and trash from offshore boats. We are working to find a solution for folks to dispose of marine debris collected during beach walks while not accumulating food waste that will attract wildlife.