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Environmental Program Update 7/9

Sea Turtles:

Dewees Island currently has 18 nests and 8 false crawls.  A few of our nests are coming to the end of their incubation period, nest 1 Olivia is at day 58 and nest 2 Noah is at day 54.  On average, May nests tend to incubate for around 65 days.  If you notice a lot of tracks in the location of a nest please contact Claudia deMayo, Judy Drew Fairchild or me.

Yellow Plane:

You may have noticed a yellow plane flying over the tree tops today while enjoying your lunch.  As I write this the Landings Building is getting buzzed.   This plane is with Charleston County Mosquito Control.  As the plane makes a few passes you may notice you do not hear the familiar noise of the pellets hitting your roof but you may notice a brownish cloud coming out for behind the plane and wonder what they are spraying.  Charleston County only conducts treatment for larval mosquitoes on Dewees Island, they never spray for adult mosquitoes.  The larval treatment is dropped from the plane where it releases a hormone to disrupt the metamorphosis of the larval turning into an adult.  The Charleston County website states “This process is designed to impact mosquitoes before they hatch and uses an organic material Vectobac 12AS also known as BTI and a biorational product Altosid Concentrate that does not have any residual effects.”  This larval treatment is mixed with sand to help it penetrate through the tree canopy and drop into the water (there are fresh and salt water mosquitoes).  Over the last few years the canopy on Dewees Island has thinned out and now the particle size of sand necessary has decreased (doesn’t have as thick of a canopy to move through) and therefore it does not make a sound when it hits your roof.  For more information please visit the Charleston County mosquito control website