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Environmental Program Update 7/16/20


Its almost turtle hatchling time on Dewees!  Please be mindful to turn off exterior lights at night and close your blinds in brightly lit rooms of your home.  Sea Turtle Hatchlings are attracted to the light of the moon and the reflection of the ocean to find their way to the water.  If your home is brighter than the natural light then they head toward your home and perish from exposure or succumb to land base predators before entering the ocean.  When walking the ocean at night please ensure your flashlight has a red filter to help prevent the disorientation of hatchlings that may follow the white light from your flashlight.  Thanks for your help to get as many hatchlings to the ocean as possible!

Our nest count is up to 20 Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nests and 16 False Crawls.


Please check out the recycling video Alison created for a refresher on what can and can’t be recycled on Dewees Island here.