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Environmental Program Update

Educational Programs & Activities

The Dewees Island Conservancy Interns have been busy this week creating fun and creative programs for all ages.  Please visit the Dewees Island Conservancy Facebook page to view their posts.  The general program schedule is as follows with details for this week:

Monday: Mystery (can you guess what is in the picture?)

Tuesday: Educational (Blue Crabs – everything you need to know in 5 minutes)

Wednesday: Craft (Create a Nature Journal)

Thursday: Science Experiments (Weather in a Jar)

Friday: Scavenger Hunt (Seashell Bingo)


Turtle News

Thursday was a busy day on Dewees Island for nesting mamas.  During turtle patrol Claudia found a set of false crawl tracks as well as a nest.  The nest was left where the mamma chose well above the high tide line.  This brings our number of nests to 3 and our number of false crawls to 3 for the season. Please follow the Dewees Island Turtle Team Facebook page for updates.