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Environmental Program Update

Welcome Interns Happy Hour

Friday, May 20th, 5:30 pm @ Huyler House

Come and welcome Allie, Kamille, Maggie and Sarah as they begin their summer internship on Dewees Island.  Allie & Maggie are Dewees Island Conservancy Interns and Kamille & Sarah are Dewees Rental Interns.  This event is hosted by the Dewees Island Turtle Team.  BYOB

Road Opening

The road north of 6-pipes is now open.   We are monitoring erosion at the 6-pipes area due to the collapsing of one of the pipes on the Lake Timicau side.  If we feel the ground becomes unstable again due to erosion we will close the road and reopen once things stabilize.  Installation of the new water control structures are estimated to begin in January of 2017 to replace the existing 6-pipes.

There is also minor road erosion past the 6-pipes where the high tide crosses the road near the marsh.  This area should be repaired in the next week.

Mosquito Control

Please check your home each week and dump standing water.  Areas that tend to collect water are sea shell decorations and palmetto trunks standing on end.  For natural areas that tend to breed mosquitoes dunks and bits are available for sale from Lori; items can be billed to your lot.  Dunks are good for treating large areas where water stands a good bit of time and the bits are good for treating flower pots and where air units drip.

1 Dunk treats 100 sq feet and last for 1 month = $2 each

1 c. bits treats 200 sq feet and lasts for 2 weeks = $2 per cup.

Shellfish Harvesting Closure

Oyster harvesting will close Sunday, May 15th

Clam harvesting will close Tuesday, May 31st