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Electrical Repair Near Ferry Landing Scheduled Next Week

October 8, 2020

Dear Community Members,

Earlier this week, we unfortunately discovered the electrical supply cable powering the main dock at the ferry landing failed and is no longer serviceable. Considering the original wire is buried underneath the golf cart path, we will be running a new wire and conduit along the seawall. We are working closely with Edmund Frampton to conduct the major unexpected repair early next week.

The install will require one-two days of trenching, beginning on Tuesday, between the Landings Building area and across the causeway towards the ferry dock. The staff will provide a temporary bridge across the trench for owners to access the golf cart path to the ferry landing. Please be cautious driving through the construction area. Also factor in a few extra minutes when planning to catch the ferry off island next week!

Further, considering we lost power to the charging stations for the shuttles at the front dock, we are having to rotate the shuttle fleet as we are charging the carts under the Landings Building each night. We apologize for the inconvenience of temporarily having fewer carts available at the front dock.

For safety, we have installed temporary solar lights at the front landings for passengers traveling to and from the island at night.

We expect to have the electrical repair complete by the end of next week and will keep you informed of any changes.


Catherine Weeks
Interim General Manager
Dewees Island POA