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Do those bees sting?

Summer has officially started with kids getting out of school and the arrival of the digger bees.  The bees you see flying around the shuttle carts on Dewees Island and in front of the fire station are Digger Bees, a type of mining bee.  These bees are very non-aggressive and will not sting unless handled or trapped in clothing.  Digger bees are solitary bees that individually rear their young in the soil tunnels they construct.   Males can be seen flying over the site during the day looking for a chance to mate.  Not to worry; males cannot sting.  After mating; females dig the burrows into which they place pollen and lay eggs.  Larvae will develop into adult bees and emerge the following spring.    Mining bees are extremely beneficial to the environment. They are exceptionally good pollinators for a variety of native & ornamental plants and vegetable crops.  To see the bees in action check out the video below.

bees june 2015