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Dewees Strong

COVID-19 has been the focus of our lives during the last couple months. The owners and staff of Dewees have been challenged in ways unforeseen but not unforsaken. In lieu of the physical and emotional hardship caused by this pandemic, residents of our Dewees community have demonstrated patience, kindness, and generosity. Special thanks are given to the following owners who have helped us over the last few weeks:

Full time resident Bill Duncan who has 28+ years of light and stage setting experience for the theatre industry has been assisting Nathan Duff, Head of Maintenance, with a variety of electrical engineering projects. Some of the projects included installing 12V lights along the Huyler House suites breezeway, circuit tracing the breaker panel at the fire station, and rewiring the light system at the fire station. Bill has offered to continue volunteering his time on a regular basis, which we are very thankful for.

Bill and his wife Pam showed their appreciation for the staff’s efforts during these trying times and gifted an assortment of gourmet cheeses from Shelburne farms. The cheddar cheese was made in Vermont by their son Jack (so there was a little Dewees in the recipe) who is the head cheese maker at Shelburne farms. The staff certainly enjoyed the tasty treats!

Dave McIntyre was kind and donated tools to the island maintenance department including a Hitachi table saw, 25’ air hose, and a tackle box that was converted into an organizer for screws.

Jim Warner assisted Justin Ornduff, Head Groundskeeper, with refurbishing Marshmallow Walk.

Reggie Fairchild provided a new net for the community soccer goal on the helipad.

When you drive around the island, you will notice the stop signs and speed limit signs have a fresh face with a new coat of paint thanks to the efforts of Charlotte and John Robertson. They are actively painting additional signs for the POA.

As previously mentioned, we’ve have had a few owners donate PPE to the POA. We thank Anne Anderson, Peter Cotton, and Derek Jakes for offering additional safety supplies to our staff.

We thank all of you again for keeping spirits lifted during this time!