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Dewees Island Welcomes Two New Ferry Staff Team Members

Dewees Island welcomes two new ferry staff team members, Christian Gurney and Zach Stephenson.

Zack Stephenson, Deckhand

Zack was born in Newhan, GA and grew up in Charlotte, NC. He played four sports in high school and kept busy year-round.  He has always been known for never sitting still and working “like crazy”. Zack enjoys being on the water and has worked in the boat club industry for 5 years. He formerly worked at the Carefree Boat Club with fellow ferry crew member Thornton Lacy. Zack hopes to gain more maritime experience while working on Dewees Island and aspires to earn his captains license one day.

When asked what he likes to do in his free time, he said, “REST! Because it is a rare occasion”.

Christian Gurney, Deckhand

Christian was born and raised in North Charleston. He lived in Babson Park, Florida while in school at Webber International University for Computer Information Systems. He started working at Autobell Car Wash in June of 2017 and was a manager there until April 2019. In his free time, he likes to play video games and build and work on computers and other electronics. Christian bowls at the Charleston Rifle Club two nights a week, as well. While working for Dewees, Christian looks forward to spending time on the water and seeing the wildlife and pretty scenery.