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Dewees Island Welcomes New Staff Member, Richard Perdue

Dewees Island welcomes our newest POA staff member, Richard Perdue. Richard is looking forward to working with the ferry staff as a part-time deckhand and working intermittently on the island helping various departments. 

Richard and his wife Debbie are married 32 years and have two beautiful daughters, one grandson, and one granddaughter on the way. Richard was born in West Germany on an Air Force Base. After graduating from high school in Chesterfield, SC, he attended the University of South Carolina and graduated with a journalism degree. He has worked all types of sporting events for ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports and other networks. He retired from the federal government in 2019 after serving for our country for 25 years.

Richard enjoys the outdoors. His hobbies include boating, hunting, and fishing. He is a proud Christian and has been a Southern Baptist his whole life. 

Please give Richard a warm welcome when you see him on the ferries or on the island.