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Dewees Front Dock Construction UPDATE # 3

Dewees Front Dock Renovation is proceeding ahead of schedule therefore the use of the Moser’s dock commenced at 7.30 am 2.12.2015
● The main Dewees Ferry Dock is  totally unavailable during the week of February 12 through the 20th.There after we will be using temporary ramps at the front dock for several weeks into mid March.
● During this time, we have arranged for use of the Moser’s private dock on Dewees Inlet to land the Ferry. The Moser’s dock can support our use of the Dewees Breeze and the Parker; however, the larger Dewees Islander will not be available.
● We are most appreciative of the Moser’s very generous offer to allow us to use their dock. Private docks are not set up for commercial use; therefore, we urge you to use caution when accessing steep ramps, the irregular surfaces and unlighted areas.
● To facilitate the loading and unloading of passengers, we will initiate the following plan:
As all island transportation logistics are focused on the Dewees front dock, we will continue to assemble at the front dock for leaving the island on the ½ hour. You must call for the ferry prior to the ride you intend to catch, just as you always do. The POA will have a six passenger van waiting at the loading area that will shuttle you to the Moser’s dock. The Shuttle Van will also pick you up from the Mosers’ when you arrive back on island and return you to the Dewees front dock parking area. When leaving the island, call for the ferry and arrive at the front dock at least 25 minutes past the hour. Wait for the Shuttle Van to transport you to the ferry.
You will pick up your personal carts and/or the Shuttle Carts, when appropriate, from the cart parking area.
● There may be no golf carts driven onto the Moser’s land or their private dock. Ferry crew will be responsible carrying your small items from the ferry to the top of the pierhead or from the pierhead to the ferry upon return. Please stay on the boardwalk and do not walk on the Moser’s grassed areas. We request that you keep the transport of items to a minimum as, in addition to boat space issues, you will have to carry personal goods the distance along the dock’s boardwalk and out to the Shuttle Van.
The Shuttle Van is our preferred transportation method and will be the least impactful on the Moser’s property. It will transport you in comfort from the ferry to the front dock cart parking area.
For those of you who feel you do not need the Shuttle Van, you may park along Dewees Inlet Drive in front of Moser’s property (Lot 1 Dewees Inlet Drive) and walk down the driveway to the Moser’s dock. Again, please do not enter the Moser’s property with your golf cart as there is not enough room to handle the Shuttle Van and the conflict generated by multiple golf cart parking. We want to be respectful of the Moser’s’ yard.
Information for Contractors and Service Personnel
• Contractors will be limited to hand carry tools only on the small ferry during the time we are using the private dock.
• We will try to keep the inconvenience factor to a minimum, but we will have to use the smaller boats during those times when the Main dock is not available.
DURING CONSTRUCTION, NO BOATS MAY BE DOCKED AT THE FRONT DOCK. OWNERS SHOULD MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS. Big Bend Dock is available for loading and unloading and for overnight stays.
• Please call the ferry 843 568 3990 in advance to request passage and see if the schedule has been affected by construction.
• The 6:30 am commuter ferry will be run each day for workers and schoolchildren, either to the Main dock or the Moser’s private dock. You will be directed to the appropriate dock when you call for the pickup. The Shuttle Van will be available from the front cart parking area.
Thanks for your patience and help with any inconvenience that you may experience. Working together as a community will allow us to proceed with this needed repair as quickly as possible.
Regards, Kim Knight General Manager 843-568-3991