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Debris Removal & General Pruning Guidelines

Dear Owners,

Please see the General Pruning Guidelines below:

General pruning of vegetation from your property is permitted under the ARB Guidelines. 

  • Living and dead vegetation must remain in the side setback areas of the lot as well as the front and rear setbacks.
  • Contractors must rent the chipper and chip everything they prune. 
  • If you do the work yourself you may place a small pile (no larger than what would fit in the bed of a very small truck – think S10 or Ranger) along the roadside and all cut ends must face the same direction.   A staff person will chip this material at no cost provide the pile is 1) organized (cut ends same direction), 2) required size (should take only 10-15 minutes to chip) and 3) all plies must be placed along the roadside by Monday morning and chipping will take place once a week on Mondays weather permitting.  * Larger piles requiring more time to chip will incur a chipping fee based on the standard staff rate.

For more information regarding Vegetation Maintenance please review the points below and refer to the Vegetation Management Plan in the ARB Guidelines for more information.

Can Do Without Prior Approval:

  • Maintain all areas indicated in approved ARB submission as “Permanent Disturbed” areas.  This will include one driveway, utility tanks location, house site, decking, boardwalks, docks and access paths.  This maintenance may include any pruning or minor vegetative removal necessary for regular use and upkeep.
  • Maintain driveways sufficient for truck access in case of an emergency.
  • Prune away vegetation making contact with any part of a built structure if it does not involve tree removal.
  • Five feet around the entire footprint of the house may be maintained free of shrubs and herbaceous vegetation.
  • Prune dead material from live trees and shrubs.
  • Maintain landscaped or planted areas as indicated on the approved landscape plan.
  • Cut down any non-native tree species.  (i.e. Chinese Tallow or Popcorn Trees)

Cannot Do Without Approval:

Cut down any native tree or shrub; dead or alive.  This includes hardwoods and conifers.

  • Conduct excessive shrub pruning outside the disturbance area. (This would not include the removal of dead or damaged material from shrubs)
  • Prevent tree or plant growth (through natural succession) in open areas outside the disturbance area where trees may not currently exist, i.e. using a weed eater


Lori Sheridan Wilson,

Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator