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Crabbing Bait

Please help to lesson the chance of an alligator interaction while crabbing and always USE FISH as bait and never chicken when crabbing in Lake Timicau or Old House Lagoon (Impoundment).  Chicken is an un-natural smell to island wildlife and alligators rely on their great sense of smell to find food.  Standing on the edge of Old House Lagoon at the Crab Dock with the wind blowing at your back can carry the smell of your bait across the Impoundment and thereby ring the dinner bell to alligators.  Alligators are naturally afraid of people but if they learn to associate people with a food source then this creates an unsafe situation for people and alligators.  If you have any questions regarding crabbing or bait please feel free to contact Lori.  Thanks in advance for your help to keep our Alligators wild!