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Citizen Scientists

Dear Dewees Community,

Our lives have changed due to the coronavirus, but the natural world is still moving along in its predictable manner.  Whether you are on or off Dewees Island there are ways for everyone to participate in documenting what you see from your home.

While on Dewees Island – please send info to me by text or email at 843.568.3994 or lori@deweesislandsc.com :

  • King Tides: please take photos of spring tide events documenting higher than normal flooding from locations on island. Please include note on location and date/time.
  • Nesting shorebirds: if you see nesting Least Terns or American Oyster Catchers on island or a Wilson’s Plovers displaying a “broken wing” (defense to lure you away from their nest) please send me a gps location marker.
  • Chinese Tallow Tree – please pull seedlings and saplings from your property and let me know how many trees you have on your property which were too large to remove by hand.
  • If you notice a new plant or animal sighting or something that seems different in the landscape, please share with me.

Opportunities for all locations –

Visit scistarter to find out ways to become a Citizen Scientist no matter where you are; there hundreds of projects ranging from kids to adult to family activities  https://scistarter.org/  In the project finder type in your location and interest. Project examples include:

  • SC summer bat roost monitoring
  • Horseshoe crabs as homes (spot and share animals living on horseshoe crabs)
  • Mycoast; help chronicle the changing coast for coastal decision makers
  • Globe at Night; participants measure their night sky brightness and submit data to bring awareness to night sky light pollution.
  • Firefly Spotters

I would love to hear from you if you choose a project from scistarter or if you have any questions about what you encounter while spending time outside.


Lori Sheridan Wilson,
Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator