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Check It Out: Little Free Library Comes to Dewees

Little Free Libraries are a global phenomenon, with 36,000 around the world in 70 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan. And now we have one right here on Dewees, by the turtle statue across from the Landings Building. Stop by and check out the books on your way to the ferry or on your way home. The top shelf is for adults; bottom shelf for children and young adults. 
If you have books you’d like to donate, you can leave them in the library. A stamp and ink pad will be there if you’d like to stamp your donation. There’s no check-out procedure. Just take a book and leave one if you can. Return books as soon as you are finished so others can enjoy them too. Comments, requests, and recommendations can be left inside the library or sent to Monica Graff at monigraff2015@gmail.com.
The Little Free Library has been donated by Monica and Chris Graff, but now it belongs to our entire community. We hope it will bring a lot of enjoyment and interesting conversations to the island.

The Little Free Library nonprofit organization has been honored by the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and the American Library Association, and Reader’s Digest n​amed them one of the “50 Surprising Things We Love about America.” Each year, nearly 10 million books are shared in Little Free Libraries. To learn more, please visit littlefreelibrary.org.