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Updates and Reminders

    The Islander The Islander is back up and fully operational.        Barges The July 26 barge is at capacity.  The next barge is scheduled for August 5. Please contact Brit if you would like to reserve space. Brit@deweesislandsc.com.       EV Charging Station  There is currently one electric vehicle charging station at the Marina. Please alternate charging vehicles every 24 hours to share with communities …Read More

DUC Update – July 22, 2021

July 22, 2021 Dear Community Members, I am writing to provide an update of our progress this week at the utility plant.  On Tuesday, we had one of the best well specialists in the state of South Carolina come to the island to conduct a well assessment.  The specialist pulled samples of the sand from the well, which was extremely fine material.  It was recommended to remove the pump and …Read More

Welcome New Owners

We are excited to have new members joining our Dewees family!  Please help extend a warm welcome to the Capers and Dial Families.  The Capers Sharon Moses Capers was born in Florence, South Carolina, and moved to Columbia, South Carolina in middle school. She spent summers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her 11 sisters and brothers. She graduated from Howard University in 1987 where she majored in Political Science and minored …Read More

Captain Randy Takes the Helm!

It is exciting to announce that Randy Scarboro has been promoted to the position of Ferry Captain.  After 5 dedicated years of service to the Island as a deckhand, Randy is fulfilling a dream that he has worked hard to achieve.  It brings me great pleasure to see our staff have the opportunity to grow as individuals and as professionals. Randy is very excited to be taking the helm and …Read More

Welcome New Owners

The Taylor’s We are excited to have new members joining our Dewees family!  Please help extend a warm welcome to the Taylor Family.  Dale and Walter Taylor of Charlotte, NC recently purchased the home on Lot 23. They are both originally from Georgia.  Dale spent her career as a CPA.  Walter began his career as a pilot in the USAF. He continued his career with Delta Airlines and then moved …Read More

Friendly Reminder about Dogs & Pets

Dogs on Dewees  As a friendly reminder, and in consideration of neighbors and wildlife, pets are to be leashed or kenneled at all times on the ferry, ferry landing, or associated docks. In all other areas, pets should be leashed. Additionally, pet waste must be cleaned up by the owner. Environmental Program Board Recommendations regarding Dogs and Shorebirds: As a “private island community dedicated to environmental preservation,” the island is …Read More

DUC Update – July 15, 2021

July 15, 2021 Dear Owners, Today, the valve was installed to support the sand separator at the plant.  We are in the process of flushing overnight and will assess the improvements in the morning.  DUC President Edmund Frampton joined us onsite this afternoon to walk through the challenges we have been facing and to discuss next steps.  We are working with our operator to contact a few well specialists for …Read More

Minnow Buckets

Please label the top of your minnow bucket with your name & lot #.  Labeling ensures others do not take the wrong bucket or removes the appearance it is unattended or forgotten.  A wax pencil is available to borrow from Lori to label your bucket to help ensure your bait is identified.

Turtle Friendly Lighting

As of today, Dewees Island is still at 4 Loggerhead Sea Turtle nests for the season. Nest #1 is at day 45. Over the last 10 years the average incubation for a nest laid the last week of May was 61 days. While we are waiting for the 2021 hatchlings to emerge it is a good time to check your home’s interior and exterior lighting to ensure it does not …Read More