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In Case We Missed You – Highlights from 2018 Property Owners Weekend

March 29, 2018

Dear Owners,

Spirits were high last week as more than 85 community members gathered for the 2018 Property Owners Weekend! Folks spent time reconnecting with neighbors and making new friends throughout the entire weekend.  Beginning with the welcome reception on Friday evening, this was a festive time enjoyed by all. The positive energy continued on Saturday morning as members gathered for the DUC and POA Annual Meetings, and the weekend concluded with a cocktail sendoff on Sunday morning.   

During the DUC Annual Meeting, updates were presented by Edmund Frampton, DUC President, and David Dew, Island Manager. The auditors also presented the final annual audit report, which can be viewed by clicking here*.  The DUC Annual Meeting concluded with “Trash Talk”, which was led by Jim Doyle, Scottie Hoffman and Lori Sheridan Wilson in efforts to create more awareness about proper recycling methods, eliminating unnecessary waste, and minimizing the costs of trash removal on the island. To view the full DUC Annual Meeting Presentation, click here

President Anne Anderson opened the POA Annual Meeting with a warm greeting, and owners were invited to stand and be recognized based on when they purchased their property.  During the Treasurer’s Report, our annual POA audit report was presented.  You may view the audit report by clicking here.  Next, Bill Easterlinoutgoing Assistant Treasurer, led a discussion about various financial options to address the damage caused by hurricane Irma and the impact on the reserve fund.  

Cameron Dyson with Ducks Unlimited, collaborated with Lori to provide a thorough update on the engineering of the Lake Timicau Restoration project. A second keynote topic was “Roads Revisited”, which was led by Joshua Robinson with Robinson Design Engineers.  Joshua explained the progress of the roads improvement plan, and the next phases of the project.  David Dew presented his Island Manager’s report and reflected on his first six months on Dewees.  Lori wrapped up staff reports with an Environmental Program update and awarded Alex Kliros as the Island Steward of the Year!  To view the full presentation for the POA Annual Meeting, click here

Following the presentations, the results of the general election were announced where we welcomed three newly elected POA Board Members: Jim Doyle, Barbara McIntyre and Pat Wilson.

Gratitude and recognition was also given to Anne Anderson, Cecily Hines and Bill Easterlin for their dedicated service as directors of the POA Board. 

A brief Board Meeting was held immediately following the POA Annual Meeting for the sole purpose of electing this year’s officers.  As permitted in the bylaws, Anne Anderson was nominated and elected by the Board to return and serve as POA president for the 2018 Board year.  The POA Officers are as follows:

Anne Anderson, President
Larry McDevitt, Vice-President
David Dew, Secretary
Bill Kastler, Treasurer

Throughout the weekend, residents also had the opportunity to pick up a copy of the 2018 Dewees Island Owners Guide, which was graciously produced by Judy Fairchild. (Each lot is welcome to one complimentary book. Additional copies can be purchased for $10.00 each. Please contact me to receive your copy!) 







The weekend concluded with exciting news at the close of the art auction on Sunday where Diane Kliros, Chair of the Arts Council, announced the art auction had successfully raised $36,660! A victory for our community!

We thank all of you who participated and contributed to the 2018 Property Owners Weekend!



*For confidentiality, members must be logged in to our Dewees Island POA website to view audit reports and presentations. If you need assistance with your username and password, please send me an email and I will be happy to assist you.


Catherine Kovacs
Dewees Island POA & DUC