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Call for Published Writers

Dewees Island Arts Council

Call for Published Writers


Dewees Island Arts Council invites all Dewees family members with one or more published books to participate in

The Art of Writing Exhibit  
Published works by Dewees family members

Property Owners Weekend
Friday, March 22, 6:30 PM
The Huyler House

All publications are eligible including
self-published. Sale of books is optional.

Writers are not required to be present to participate.

Please RSVP to: DeweesIslandArtsCouncil@gmail.com 

The mission of the Dewees Island Arts Council is to further the appreciation of the arts on Dewees Island and beyond through a series of programs, exhibits, workshops, lectures and field trips.

Committee Members: Diane Kliros (Chair), Anne Anderson, Claudia DeMayo, Ester Doyle, Brucie Harry, Low Harry, Susan Mashman, Barbara McIntyre, Cassandra McLeod, Cozy Mitchell, Jane Pasquini, Mary Reilly, Jane Savage, and Lisa Ward