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Breach Project Update

Happy Earth Day!

The breach construction project has come to a close.  All the sand is in place and the equipment has been moved off the island.  Fair weather, tides and a great crew helped speed things along. 

We are currently working to slowly increase water levels in Lake Timicau; this week is dry with low high tides and then transitioning to rain over the weekend and spring tides; which may add a lot of water to this impoundment. 

Next Thursday and Friday a crew will be installing dune plants on the berms; sea oats, panicum and dune sunflower.  Our CSE engineer, Steven mentioned it will take 6-12 months for the breach delta sand to move back on shore and the berm to look more like a natural dune vs. a constructed pile of sand.  Steven also mentioned it will take 12 to 24 months for the off shore shoal to move on shore.  During this time, we may see some erosion to the new berms as we transition from an erosional state (what we are in now) to an accretion (building) state.  This transition can be highly dynamic; we may lose some sand but there is more moving its way to the beach. 

Thank you to everyone who shared photos during the project!  It is nice being able to go from Osprey Walk to Capers Inlet without swimming.